How to prevent risks when creating an IT product?

How to prevent risks when creating an IT product?

Mar 12, 2022

Developing a mobile application, website or other IT product is a serious business that requires a lot of money, a lot of time and highly qualified specialists. Obviously, there are possible risks that concern customers: for example, violation of the product release deadline or its non-compliance with business objectives. During the existence of I Bionic Group, we have gained a lot of experience and want to give you advice on how to minimize such risks.

  • Carefully document the entire workflow. Create terms of reference and requirements for the final product. Ask your IT company to provide you with test cases, APIs, code descriptions, etc. All this allows you to check how the developed IT product meets the established requirements. Also, if the entire workflow is documented, it can be easier to attract new professionals to the project.
  • Use a task tracker when developing an IT product. There are a lot of task trackers on the information technology market, with the help of which it is convenient to set tasks, track the degree of their implementation and analyze the time spent on work. It is important not only for the customer to understand at what stage of creating an IT product. Thus, even the specialists themselves, having found some shortcomings at the final stage of development, can return to previous tasks and clarify the information.

  • Use, in addition to the task tracker, workflow – a graphical representation of the flow of tasks in the process of creating an IT product and related subprocesses. This makes the team work more efficiently, because all participants are in the same information field and understand the current state of implementation of each task.
  • An important point – communication. We do not discuss work only in correspondence in messengers. Indeed, with the help of this method of communication, you can complete the task, but for how long? Meetings and online conferences help to solve complex issues and discuss all the details. In addition to internal fees, it is important to demonstrate the work done for the client (offline or online).

We hope you find these tips useful.

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