What to do with Russian software in medicine?

What to do with Russian software in medicine?

Mar 21, 2022

Modern realities have become such that, regardless of your geographical location and nationality, the use of the products of the aggressor country, in our opinion, is unacceptable. The world has clearly understood that Russia has become a vestige of the modern world.

Most companies using any products of Russian manufacturers began to fear for the security of their data and possible manipulation by the occupying authorities. In this regard, European countries that used 1C, Bitrix, yclients, amoCRM and others programs began to massively abandon them and look for alternative software. The main risks are the lack of data security, trading in the customer base and account blocking.

Here is a short checklist that will help you understand if you should look for alternative software for your business:

  1. You use software products from Russian companies. The main programs that are in demand in medicine are listed above. If you did not find your program in this list, find out information about its developer country on the official website.
  2. You have something to lose. You have a large customer base that has been developed over the years and reaches several thousand or even tens of thousands of people. To prevent information leakage and manipulation, export data and import it into another program.
  3. You are a patriot. In fact, this is enough to start using Ukrainian products.

What are the solutions?

  1. Currently, there are many ready-made “boxed” solutions that may partially fit your business. However, since each business has its own processes and needs, you should immediately understand the capabilities of a particular CRM system.
  2. If standard CRM systems and their functionality are not enough for you, we advise you to consider developing your own CRM system. This solution has several advantages. Firstly, the program is created for the client and takes into account all the subtleties and specifics of the business. Secondly, an individual CRM system guarantees the protection of clients’ personal data, because all information is stored on our own server.
    By the way, I Bionic Group has among its products a ready-made CRM system for medical business – https://www.crmmed.com.ua. In addition, based on our extensive experience in the development and implementation of medical programs, we can create an individual CRM system for your business. More information about this and our portfolio are presented on the website – https://i-bionic.com/