The main thing about the implementation of the law on the Ukrainian language

The main thing about the implementation of the law on the Ukrainian language

May 04, 2022

At present, the issue of the Ukrainian language has become more and more urgent both in everyday life and in document flow. Especially at the legislative level, for several years now, issues regarding the state language have been regulated. We decided to present the norms of the law on the Ukrainian language in a simple and accessible form to help you quickly implement it into business processes.  

Article No.DescriptionValid from date
20All documents related to labor relations must be in Ukrainian (translation is possible additionally and except in cases where the addressee is a foreigner).07/16/2019
21The language of the educational process is Ukrainian.07/16/2019
22The language of science and scientific events is Ukrainian.07/16/2020
23In the field of culture, all events are held in Ukrainian. If the speaker does not know Ukrainian, a Ukrainian translation should be broadcast in parallel.07/16/2021
27Computer programs – in Ukrainian, English or another EU language.Internet representations (websites, pages in social networks) of business entities (FOPs and legal entities) that sell goods/services in Ukraine or are registered in Ukraine must be in Ukrainian. Moreover, Ukrainian should be the default.07/16/2019  07/16/2022
28If information is posted for general information, except for information on the Internet, it must be in Ukrainian.07/16/2019
29Public events (meetings, conferences, rallies, exhibitions, training courses, seminars, trainings, discussions, forums, other events) – in Ukrainian.Does not apply to events for a limited number of people or events for foreigners.07/16/2019
30The language for customer service is Ukrainian, except when the client himself asked to communicate with him in another language.01/16/2021
31In case of cooperation with a state or municipal organization, tech. documentation is done in Ukrainian (except if one of the parties is a foreigner).01/16/2020
32Advertising language is Ukrainian.01/16/2020
37Correspondence and office work with government agencies or companies (including utilities) – in Ukrainian.01/16/2020
38Appeals to any organizations – we have the right in Ukrainian (not an obligation). 
 Control body and responsibility
Issues related to the protection of the state language are handled by the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language. On July 8, 2020 Taras Kremen was appointed to this position. The Secretariat is responsible for ensuring the activities of the Commissioner.
57For violation of article 30 – a warning and a requirement to eliminate the violation within 30 days.For the second violation within a year – a fine from 300 to 400 nmdg (from 5100 UAH to 6800 UAH) 
188-52 KupAPFor violation of the Law in the field of education, science, culture, computer programs, websites, information for general information, public events, advertising – a fine from 200 to 300 nmdg (3400 UAH – 5100 UAH) or a warning – if for the first time .Other violations of the Law – a fine from 200 to 300 nmdg (UAH 3400 – UAH 5100) or a warning – if for the first time.Repeated violation within a year – a fine from 500 to 700 nmdg (8500 UAH – 11900 UAH) 

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