How to determine the target audience?

How to determine the target audience?

May 25, 2022

How to determine the target audience?

The target audience is a group of people who may be potentially interested in the company’s offers and who may order a service or product in the future. That is, they are potential customers of a business, respectively, they should be directed marketing strategies and advertising efforts. To increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, the marketer must take into account the interests and tastes of the target audience.                                        

The basis of the target audience is the core, which includes the most active consumers who form the main income of the business. There are several types of target audiences:

  1. Primary – a key audience that includes purchase initiators who can be influenced
  2. Secondary – participants in the process of ordering goods or services, such as those who pay. These are opinion leaders who influence the primary target audience
  3. . Tertiary – includes organized groups that influence the first two types

. For example, wide – coffee consumers, and narrow – connoisseurs of lattes. In addition, the target audience can be targeted to the B2B market (business for business) or B2C (consumer business).

Defining your target audience allows you to find out the socio-demographic characteristics, type, audience segments, stakeholder reach, factors influencing the purchase decision. 

How to determine the target audience? The algorithm of actions depends on the specifics of each product or service.

How to gather the target audience?

To gather the target audience, it is necessary to start with the basic technique of creating a person that allows you to visualize and create empathy for the target audience. A virtual person is created who embodies the audience of the brand. She has a certain name, biography, habits, job, family and other things that are inherent in the lifestyle of the target business audience. 

To create a virtual person, you need to:

  • keep in touch with customers;
  • follow them on social networks;
  • to conduct marketing research;
  • use data from open research of the target audience.

In the process of creating a virtual person, the information obtained should be divided into separate categories: general data, lifestyle, life values, social status, hobbies, field of activity for which the product / service is used.


Tools for gathering the target audience

Tools for collecting CA are methods and ways to identify the CA of the brand. CA description allows you to analyze customer requests. To this end, it is necessary to study incoming calls and answer the following questions: what problems are most often addressed by customers, what ways to solve these problems were used, whether there were objections or dissatisfaction.

The most effective methods of determining the target audience:

  • the study of data from open sources;
  • poll;
  • compiling a portrait of the audience;
  • interviewing;
  • analysis of data on customer behavior;
  • statistical method.

We advise you to pay attention to another important tool – collecting feedback by phone or in correspondence. Analysis of groups on social networks can also help. This makes it easy to get a complete set of information to create mind-cards for all the characters. In other words, there will be direct “access to goals” of customers.

The main mistakes in creating the target audience

The main mistakes in creating the CA include:

  • Not taken into account all parts of the process of buying goods / services. Before creating content or advertising, you should understand all the links in the buying process.
  • The target audience is overestimated. This is a very common mistake for VIP business. Marketers are beginning to idealize CA instead of soberly evaluating it.
  • Lack of segmentation. It is necessary to divide customers into categories, because then you can upgrade the product / service for different categories of customers. 

The most important parameters for determining the target audience are its habits and hobbies. The product / service must satisfy the customer’s request, solve his problem. He has a need that needs to be met, and you have something that helps. The main task of the company is to become an integral part of this formula: when I need it, I mention the brand.