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    We constantly test and research the market of innovative technologies and engineering in the field of healthcare and agribusiness

    IT structure audit

    We study the infrastructure of the IT component of the business, provide a report and recommendations for its improvement

    Software development

    We use an integrated approach in the development of websites, CRM systems, mobile applications to solve the task

    Own production

    We develop and implement technical concepts, including 3D modeling, prototyping, Hard Ware and small-scale production

    What do we offer?

    We help our clients realize even their wildest ideas.
    We know how to do it qualitatively, quickly and inexpensively, because we ourselves are a product company.

    Practically oriented and well organized team

    Project planning and management

    Development of IT and engineering solutions

    Design solutions

    UX and UI optimization

    Project Implementation Consulting

    Our servicesServices

    CRM-systems are special programs for customer relationship management that simplify the maintenance of medical records and communication with patients. The main differences of the ERP system are the systematization of the organization’s resource management: personnel, fixed assets (beds, cabinets, equipment), procurement, financial planning, logistics and analytics.

    This is a branch of artificial intelligence, which is numerous computational and statistical methods for creating algorithms that can solve problems not according to a certain formula, but based on the search for patterns in various input data.

    • Detectron
    • FastAPI
    • Opencv

    These are various applications for smartphones and tablets. The most popular of them: mobile applications for education and training, remote communication, online calculators, doctor’s guide, fitness applications, applications for chronic disease management.

    • IOS
    • Android
    • Windows

    This is an online resource containing information about the clinic, methods of treatment and prevention of diseases with the possibility of creating a personal account, making an appointment and ordering products online. The main principles of our work when creating websites: creative design, ease of use, advantageous presentation of the customer, optimization of interaction with patients.

    • Wordpress
    • Opencart
    • Joomla
    • Design
    • Drupal

    Our approach

    We create products with a unique design, taking into account the marketing strategy and functional needs. We combine creativity and practicality.


    In this step, the client is approached with a desire to make a certain product. It could be a new, unique idea or an upgrade to an existing product. We discuss the details and form the terms of reference (TOR).


    At this stage, we develop a product design with all technical specifications. As a result, we offer the customer a prototype. This is an interactive product model that allows you to see it through the eyes of future users.


    At this stage, after making all the adjustments, we transfer the final product. In the future, at the request of the client, we provide technical support.


    • All
    • Artificial intelligence
    • CRM
    • Mobile APP
    • Web site

    Orthodontic CRM-system

    Specialized CRM-system for dental clinic

    Dental CRM-system with warehouse and sales

    Dental clinic “Podillia”

    Did you like the work?

    Our advantages

    Your own intellectual shop

    Our offices are in different cities of Ukraine. Clear and fast interaction allows you to qualitatively and professionally perform the assigned tasks.

    Official registration

    An agreement is concluded with clients on the provision of services, so the risks are excluded. We guarantee quality work done on time.

    Openness and transparency

    Each project is developed in several stages. We keep the client informed of all events, provide results at every stage of development.

    Quality assurance

    All projects are guaranteed for 6 months. Did you find any shortcomings in the process of work or incorrect functioning of the product? We will fix any inaccuracies free of charge.

    Team of professionals

    The total experience of our specialists is 54 years! 10 people in the team, each of which is a professional.


    Implementation of projects of any level of complexity. When developing, we use modern programming languages and the latest artificial intelligence tools.





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